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4 phases of Activated Meditation

Deep Breathing


  • Increased Productivity This meditation benefits our mind in many ways and as we can focus on what is necessary and remove distraction our productivity is increased.
  • Increased Clarity and Focus Brain functions are shown to be enhanced through this meditation which allows for focused decision making and clarity of thoughts.
  • Increased Vitality This meditation enables you to focus on your whole being. It allows for an increase in energy and wellbeing at a cellular level.
  • Improved Sleep This meditation quiets the mind, as it slows down your heart rate, your stress hormones and blood pressure are also decreased which all allow you to sleep better.
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety This technique helps you control stress, decrease anxiety and improve cardiovascular health by producing a deep state of relaxation and also changing certain brain regions that are attached to stress. It allows our mind to become more capable of not becoming attached to your thoughts and acting on them!
  • Increased Calmness As you go into deep focus you create a sense of calm within as your thoughts are not jumbled.
  • Increase libido Stress increases cortisol and adrenaline levels, and these increased levels of cortisol and adrenaline decrease which reduces libido. Meditation balances these levels and puts you in state of play
  • Increased body Alkalinity As deep breathing is one of the phases for this mediation, this type of breathing increases the body’s alkalinity, reduce inflammation and cleanse the body of toxins.
  • Enhanced self awareness Self-awareness is defined as the ability for introspection (observe one’s own emotions and mental processes) and recognize oneself as an individual. As you need to be calm , quiet and with a clear mind, performing daily meditations allows you to achieve this
  • Pain management This meditation allows one to focus on oneself from within, to feel the sensations in each area of the body without judgement and as an observer without always wanted to change things.

Our Mission is to help everyone activate their inner powers to reduce stress, free our mind, promote healing and increase vitality

What does it cost and how do I get it?

It’s free, but we are on a mission to activate inner powers of millions, so we ask you to help us reach others who can benefit from it.

This meditation has to be taught in a 20 min session. Once you are ready to learn through our ambassadors, you will receive 2 media files ( one for morning and one for evening) and an instruction manual.

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